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Do you want to bless your loved ones with a Christian gift? Or help the women in your life experience a breakthrough in their spiritual journeys? 

Look no further.

Our gorgeous set of women’s prayers can help your family tap into a wellspring of spiritual strength.

Prayer is our direct line to the Creator, and as women, we have a unique ability to connect deeply with God through profound conversations and heartfelt talks. 

So let's take full advantage of that!

Whether your Mother, Sister, Aunt, or Daughter needs inner peace, clarity, emotional healing, or guidance: she will only find it by leaning on the Lord and seeking His Word.

Be the one who shows her the Way and makes her feel special by offering her a Bible-based prayer.

Designed just for her.

It's a precious gift that will be cherished for years to come. It's also a thoughtful present that will remind her how much she is loved, supported, and cared for, every time she feels low.

These feminine prayers have been created with lots of love and care, and are beautifully adorned with golden effect lettering, and delicate handmade watercolor flowers.  

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1- INNER CALM, EMOTIONAL HEALING: Amid life’s chaos, prayer brings an inner calm that helps us navigate complexities with clarity. It’s our sanctuary—a place where burdens are released, and peace prevails. Biblical prayers promote emotional healing because whenever we pour out our hearts to God, we find comfort, solace, and inner peace.

2- RESTORATION, TRANSFORMATION: A praying woman has a profound impact on her relationships. Through prayer, your mother, sister, aunt, or daughter will bring conflicts, hurts, and challenges before God, seeking His wisdom. Their prayers will foster forgiveness, restoration, and transformation, leading to stronger bonds between herself and her loved ones.

3- GUIDANCE, FAVOR, MIRACLES: Prayer provides perspective but also the favor of God and His godly guidance. Gaining insights, being highly favored, and being guided by divine wisdom is a privilege available to all the Daughters of God. We have all heard wonderful miracles that led to many lives being transformed after turning to the Lord. 

The power of prayer is NOT a myth: it's very much real!

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Life’s challenges can weigh heavily on women: A personalized prayer reminds them that they are not alone. 

Your gift becomes a beacon of light in their darkest moments. Just as physical nourishment fuels our bodies, prayer nourishes our faith, hope, and connection with God. 

When you gift a prayer, you not only offer comfort and encouragement but you also invite the recipient into intimate communion with God. It’s like handing them a key to unlock the door of heaven—a sacred conversation where they pour out their hearts and receive divine guidance.

ALL women face battles, internal and external, so your gift will become their armor. And because these prayers are Bible-based, they have the potential to be transformational for your Mother, Daughter, Sister, or Aunt.

When you gift a prayer, you say, “I want to bless you and thank you for being part of my life.” It’s a beautiful way to honor the women of your family and empower them.

While your Set of 4 Psalms will allow you to surround yourself with the Word of God in your home, this gorgeous set of prayers will be a blessing and a beautiful Christian gift for your loved ones (the delicate watercolor flowers and swirly titles are so pretty!).

For a limited time only, this one-of-a-kind Set of Prayers can be yours at a discounted price AND it also comes with two printable prayers as a Bonus (see below).


Supercharge the protection of your loved ones, and cover your family with blessings with these two beautiful and powerful prayers. 

Praying is a powerful way to keep them safe in God's loving hands, so harness the power of God's Word and pray for your family to be taken care of and highly favored by the Lord.

Whether for yourself or to offer as gifts, these biblical prayers will be a perfect addition to any Christian home!

They come in three different printing sizes and as such, they will look amazing whatever the size you print them in.

Take advantage of this Limited Offer NOW and click on "Buy Now" to secure your Set of 4 Women's Prayers with Bonus!

P.S.: Remember, this is an exclusive offer that is only available for a limited time. Our printables come with a Printing Guide where you will find plenty of advice on how to print your files at home, online, or locally (we give you tips, suggestions, and links). And because we stand by our products, you are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. As a Christian business, the Lord is our CEO so you can be sure that if you are not happy with the quality of our products, we will refund your money, pronto Toronto (we have no intention of risking God's wrath by not honoring our Lifetime Guarantee policy!).

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