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Clean and Healed

  • Description

    A stunning illustration that accurately portrays a poignant scene from Episode 7 in Season 3 of The Chosen. On a soft and blurry background which depicts the busyness of a crowded market place, our illustrator has carefully put the focus on the interaction between Jesus and Veronica.

    In this episode, we are witness to another one of Jesus’ miracles  – the healing of the sick woman as mentioned in Mark 5:25-34. After 12 years of suffering because of bleeding  that wouldn’t stop despite visiting many doctors, a desperate Veronica reaches out, touches Jesus' garment and gets healed instantly.

    Jesus, full of loving-kindness and compassion, turns to her and gently cups His hands around her face. He calls her “daughter” and tells her that as she put all her faith in this simple gesture, it was her faith indeed that healed her and not His garment.

    A great and profound reminder for all of us who might at times feel rejected, exhausted, or hopeless: the very act of reaching out to Jesus and taking refuge under His wings is all it takes to feel comforted in His love. Our faith in Him is enough to sustain us in difficulties.