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Biblical Coloring isn’t just about creating pretty pictures; it’s a fun way to engage with Scripture, reflect, and grow spiritually!

The ability to add color, and to trace letters using a variety of verses is a beautiful way to engage with God’s Word. 

As you know, Psalms and Proverbs are two important books in the Bible.

Psalms is a collection of songs and prayers that reveal a vast range of feelings, and the depth of the human heart while worshiping God, and Proverbs offers sound principles and wise instructions on how to live a decent, and respectable daily life.

This wonderful collection of 20 Biblical Coloring pages comes with 8 pages based on Proverbs and 12 pages on Psalms and can be printed as many times as you want (perfect to relax on a Sunday afternoon or to entertain your family on a rainy day!). 

A great way to memorize Bible verses, biblical coloring is both a creative and spiritual activity for Christians, adults, and children alike.

Slowing down will allow you to take a break from the fast pace of life and simply “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Coloring allows you to pause, reflect, and connect with God while expressing your creativity.

By focusing on the design while coloring, you may find that the verse becomes ingrained in your mind without conscious effort.

Scroll down for a sample of these 20 biblical coloring pages.

(click on the images and the magnifier icon to zoom in)

Our collection of Psalms & Proverbs Coloring pages contain various patterns, verses, and designs that will help promote your mental well-being and rejuvenate your love for God.

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By giving us your trust and buying from this Christian shop, you directly support our ministry. Unlike big corporations, this online Christian store is a small business that relies on you, a fellow Christian, to continue its mission of spreading God’s Word.

As I mentioned before, I have poured my heart and soul into creating a full range of various biblical designs, and as a Christian creator, I pray and lean on the Lord before creating every single item (which is why they look so nice = all Glory to God!). 

We have dozens of prayers for the whole family (aunt, uncle, godfather, cousin, grandma, you name it) and a range of colorful biblical wall art that I would love for you to discover.

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