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Dallas Jenkins

  • Description

    25% will go to The Chosen to help them fund the show. This colorful illustration is based on a quote by Dallas Jenkins (creator of The Chosen series) that was shared with him years ago when he encountered a very low point in his career. 

    After the failure of his latest film, Dallas and his wife Amanda, were feeling down and utterly dejected. Amanda felt that the Lord was putting the story of the feeding of the five thousands in her heart, but while it lifted their spirits a little, neither Dallas nor Amanda knew what it meant.

    Uncertain about his next move, Dallas was up that night at 4 in the morning, his eyes full of tears and his heart filled with anguish. While he was working on a memo to try and figure out what had gone wrong so that he wouldn't repeat the same mistakes again, a message suddenly popped on his Facebook page. 

    Alex, a Christian gentleman who had been following Dallas on Facebook for some time, was reaching out and he sent him the following "Remember, it's not YOUR job to feed the 5000. Your job is to bring your bread and fish". Not only did the message clear up the meaning behind Amanda's word of knowledge but it ended up being a massive source of inspiration behind the creation of The Chosen (and it is now also the name of the production company behind the series!).

    A simple but powerful message, in that it illustrates the biblical principle that says that we should only focus on our part while letting God taking care of the rest. 

    Any fan of The Chosen would tell you that this saying has become part of Dallas's speeches, this is why our illustrator Michael Elias has created a colorful portrait of Dallas along with his famous quote.

    This inspirational and printable quote is meant to boost our faith and to motivate us as Christians and as fans of The Chosen. A printable is a digital file (no physical item will be shipped) that can be downloaded to your computer and printed at home, at a local printer or online.

    There is nothing like an inspirational illustration or a biblical print to adorn a Christian home. That’s why we provide you with a high quality printable which will look great in many sizes (you will receive a printing Guide with your purchase for practical tips and advice).

    Based on The Chosen series and as part of our collection "The Chosen Fan Art", our illustrations are not only Bible-based and spiritually compelling but also aesthetically pleasing. And because we are fans of this series, 25% of your purchase will go to The Chosen' Fund "Pay It Forward". So not only can you get a beautiful and inspiring illustration but you are supporting the show too!

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    This product is a PRINTABLE and is sold as a DIGITAL ITEM (no PHYSICAL ITEM will be sent).

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