What are printables?

Printable Prints (or Printables) are digital files. They may be pieces of artwork, graphic design, pictures or PDF that you can download online and print yourself. Some printables are free and some are paid or for sale and you purchase them on our site by adding them to your basket.

Would I receive a physical print?

No, you won't receive a physical print or any physical products. The gallery of images that are available on our site are simply there as examples to show you how to use our printables in various ways - for photo frames, wall art or planners - but you won't receive any physical product or a framed print. 

Where would I receive my items?

As digital files, your items (or printables) will be received on your email address after a successful purchase. You should find them in your Inbox or your Spam Folder.

When would I receive my items?

If your purchase is successful, and if there is no delay with your online payment gateway you should receive your items shortly after payment. 

I cannot find my items.

Please ensure that you enter a valid email address when making a purchase. If you cannot see your items in your Inbox, please check your Spam Folder. Some email inboxes may be full, while others may receive emails after a few hours of delay. Unless your email inbox has reached full capacity, you should receive your items within 24 hours. If not, please get in touch.

I cannot download my items.

We encourage you to try and download your items while using a desktop computer or a laptop. Because our files are large, they are not suitable to be downloaded from a smart phone or a tablet. 

Can I get a refund on my purchase?

The nature of digital files is such that we do not offer a refund after a successful purchase because there is no possibility for the item to be returned to us. For that reason, unless your item is faulty or has some errors, we do not offer a refund (see our Refund Policy). 

Can I share or resell my items?

Our items are copyrighted so they cannot be shared and/or resold. Once an item is purchased, it is for your personal use only. 

Are my information and payment details safe and secure?

Yes, your information and payment details are safe and secure and we do not sell your information to any third-party companies (see our Privacy Policy).