Add To Your WishlistMonthly Planner for Creatives Black & White

Add To Your WishlistMonthly Planner for Creatives Black & White

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Monthly Planner for Creatives Black & White

  • Description

    A perfect monthly planner for a healthy Christian life! Set up a positive and healthy monthly routine while getting in touch with your God-given creativity with this unique monthly planner. Specially designed for creatives and health-conscious Christians alike, this minimalist printable planner balances well-being and creativity with spiritual growth and organization. 

    Two big boxes located at the top will allow you to write down a monthly inspiring Bible verse as well as some notes to support your self-care. It also comes with plenty of room to list Top Priorities and to set up a monthly Well-being Routine (for instance: setting up and enforcing personal boundaries, taking vitamins and supplements on a daily basis, walking 15 minutes every day, eating more fresh fruits or salads, stop complaining, etc). 

    Indeed, based on the past two years and the difficulty of dealing with a global pandemic, we know that setting up ways to be more healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually and following a proper routine can make a massive difference in our overall well-being.  

    Furthermore, this monthly planner has been especially created for Christians who are in touch with their God-given creativity as there is also a “Doodle” box as well as some space for poetry, journaling, or to add an inspirational quote. 

    And should you need to jot down a few things, some blank lines are ready to be used for any type of purpose: groceries list, a birthday reminder, a word of knowledge - you name it! Including all 12 months, this printable planner comes in three different sizes: and will be a perfect fit for the busy Christian eager to lead a healthy, happy and more creative life.

    This item is a digital print that is available in three different sizes, from small to large, and can be downloaded and printed out in the size of your choice without any loss of quality whatsoever.

    Planners are powerful spiritual tools as well as a blessing for those we offer them to. Therefore, our printable planners are carefully designed to ensure that they are not only Bible-based and spiritually compelling but also aesthetically pleasing, with a crisp and elegant finish.

    The high quality of our printables (300 DPI) means that they will look equally beautiful whether you print them out for a small-sided, medium-sized images or large-sized planner. Just punch some holes into them before adding them to a Sunday School binder or personal daily planner (see our Printing Tips section).

  • Specifications

    This item is a PRINTABLE and is sold as a DIGITAL ITEM (no PHYSICAL ITEM will be sent).

    What is a printable? A printable is a digital file (PDF or JPG file format depending on the item you are purchasing) that you pay for once, download to your computer (tablets and phones are not suitable for downloading large files), and print as many times as you want for your personal use. Upon payment, you will receive a link to download your printable.

    Once downloaded, your printable will be located in a ZIP folder that contains PDF files. Each file comes with a different size, allowing you to print the most suitable size based on your own personal use (daily planner, Bible journaling or home decor).

  • Features

    Your printable comes in three different sizes:

    A5 = 14.8 cm x 21.0 cm
    A4 = 21 cm x 29.7 cm
    US Letter = 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm

  • Printing Tips

    Printable art is an easy and affordable way to personalize your home or office with Christian prayers and Bible-based material. You can print at home, at your local print shop, or upload the files to an online printing service of your choice.

    Printing paper: you may want to choose a very simple and plain printing paper, or a shiny, glossy, or matte photo paper for a more elegant touch, or you could choose a strong, card-like type of paper to create a nice, sturdy copy of your printable. Alternatively, you can use any other kind of printing material of your choice.

    Printing at home: ensure you follow the instructions for your printer depending on the size you wish to print out (i.e., for a size A5, you want to make sure that you load your printer with A5 printing paper, adjust the edge guide, select A5 within the prints settings, etc.).

    Printing locally: ensure that you request a sample in your chosen size from your local printer before going ahead. Feel free to ask them questions about the types of printing paper available based on your budget and your project (e.g., wall art, photo frame, personal planner, etc.).

    Printing online: simply type in keywords such as “online printing” in Google, followed by the name of your town – for instance, “online printing London” – and you should see a list of various online printers that deliver to your area. Take the time to check whether they offer prints in the size of your choosing, the type of paper they offer, their delivery fees, etc. It is sometimes cheaper to order a few copies rather than a single print, so don’t hesitate to increase the quantity of your order and simply give away the extra copies to your church, friends, or family.