Set of 4 Psalms Prints


The Lord delights in His Children, and He wants nothing more than to bless us so we can bless others in return. It is written that the Word of God never comes back void, that is why displaying scripture in your home and focusing on His word is a great way to attract blessings and invite His peace within your walls.

Have you ever entered someone's home, and felt a wonderful sense of peace, serenity, and well-being? Would you say that it's the kind of feeling that you would love people to have when they come to your house?

Well, using the Word of God can help you create such a peaceful and inviting atmosphere in your home that your family and guests will feel uplifted and refreshed whenever they visit you!

Christian art might be expensive or hard to find in mainstream shops, yet for believers to flourish in every area of their lives, they need to surround themselves with inspiring and encouraging Scriptures. 

That's where we come in.

We create affordable and beautiful Bible-based printables that can be easily printed out at home, at your local printer, or online.

Our feminine, and professionally designed printables are high-quality designs that will add a vibrant touch to your home...while boosting your faith and lifting your spirits!

For a limited time only, and exclusively for our subscribers, we are offering a colorful Set of four (4) Psalms at a tiny, teeny price.  

As you can see below, the lettering is sharp and crisp, while the exquisite details of the hand-made watercolor flowers will add a lovely and summery feel to your home decor.

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  1. NURTURE YOUR FAITH: When you surround yourself with scripture, you create an environment that constantly boosts your faith, and reminds you of God’s truth. These beautiful printables will act as powerful reminders of God’s promises. Perfect to uplift your spirit in times of doubt or struggle, they will also promote a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere in your home.

  2. SHARE THE GOSPEL: Displaying Christian wall art can open conversations about the Bible with family, friends, and guests. It fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of your faith, and it might even be used for evangelism and sharing the Gospel. Imagine discussing the significance of a particular verse during gatherings with family or quiet moments with your guests, what a nice way to share the Word!

  3. PARTNER WITH GOD: By prominently displaying biblical verses and messages of faith, without being ashamed of the Lord nor His message (Luke 9:26), you are creating a space where God’s Word can be proclaimed and honored. This act of obedience invites God’s presence into your home and blessings over you and your loved ones.
Our designs are printable, which means that they are digital files (not physical prints) that bring Bible verses and creativity together. Once you download your purchase, you can print these digital files as many times as you want! It's very easy to do, just like printing a Word document. Print them at home, online, or at a local printer for a few dollars only. Our printables come in three printing sizes. They can also be resized (without loss of quality), and be inserted into a photo frame for a gift or to brighten up a desk, shelf, or wall.

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Biblical wall art allows you to surround yourself with beauty, inspiration, and the Word of God. The merge of artistic creativity and the powerful words of Scripture creates a visually and spiritually nourishing space. 

Just as nature’s beauty uplifts our souls, Christian art inspires and refreshes us daily, reminding us of the greatness and goodness of God.

With your Set of Psalms displayed in your home, whether in a photo frame on your desk, on the walls of your hallway, in your child's bedroom, or stuck on your fridge's door (next to the kids' drawings!) you will have a constant opportunity to meditate on God’s Word. 

By having these Bible verses prominently visible, your loved ones can easily pause and reflect on the teachings and promises of the Bible. An intentional focus on God’s Word tends to open the door to blessings and bring about a deeper understanding of biblical truths in one's life.

Most importantly, let's not forget that keeping the Word of God alive is very much a command from God. In Deuteronomy 6:6,9, God instructs us to write His words on the door-frames of our homes and gates. 

By incorporating biblical art into our home decor, we reflect our devotion to God and our desire to keep His word close to our hearts, and part of our daily lives.

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For a limited time only, this Psalm Set can be yours at a fraction of its cost AND it also comes with two printable prayers as a Bonus (see below). In other words, by selecting this exclusive package today, you will get SIX beautiful, inspirational Christian prints at a 75% discount. 

How is that for an EXCLUSIVE offer?!


These two printable prayers for a Sister and a Brother in Christ will be a thoughtful and beautiful gift to offer to friends from church or loved ones. What Christian wouldn't be delighted to receive a Bible-based prayer as a special present? 

Personalized prayers are such precious gifts, and there is nothing like a stylish Christian piece to adorn a Christian home and boost one’s faith. 

Just like your Set of 4 Psalms, these two Bible-based, printable prayers come in three different printing sizes and because they are high-quality designs, they will look amazing whatever the size you print them in.

Save a MASSIVE $48 by clicking on the "Buy Now" button and get 4 Psalms and 2 FREE prayers!

P.S.: Biblical art is a wonderful way to strengthen your faith, inspire your loved ones, and open the doors to God's blessings. Give yourself the chance to be greatly blessed by partnering with Him and displaying His Word in your home. This is an exclusive offer that is only available for a limited time, so don't miss out!

P.P.S.: Our printables are super easy to print out, but to make things even easier, they come with a Printing Guide where you will find printing tips, printing suggestions, and links (if you are a newbie at printing, we've got your back!). And because we stand by our products, you are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, let us know at any time and we will happily give you your money back. Rest assured that you are in safe Christian hands here, so you can buy with complete confidence. 

P.P.P.S.: Also, regarding our Money-Back Guarantee, to be clear "Lifetime" means "life on this Earth". It doesn't include the afterlife -  just saying :-)