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The Chosen - Philip quote

  • Description

    25% will go to The Chosen to help them fund the show. This powerful quote from Philip (played by Yoshi Barrigas) in "The Chosen" is based on Episode 2 of Season 2 where Philip, after years of following John The Baptist, becomes a follower of Jesus and befriends Matthew (played by Paras Patel).

    In this episode, Matthew, who was  rejected both by his family and his community when he chose to become a tax collector, opens his heart to Philip and speaks of his anguish of feeling like an outsider because of his past. Philip, one the few followers that show kindness to Matthew, shares the following word s of wisdom with him:

     "I was something else too. But once you have met the Messiah "am" is all that matters.”

    We could not agree more, after all this is what being a new person in Christ is all about. That  is why we think its is  a great quote to inspire our fellow fans of the Chosen.

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    There is nothing like an inspirational illustration or a biblical print to adorn a Christian home. That’s why we provide you with a high quality printable which will look great in many sizes (you will receive a printing Guide with your purchase for practical tips and advice).

    Based on The Chosen series and as part of our collection "The Chosen Fan Art", our illustrations are not only Bible-based and spiritually compelling but also aesthetically pleasing. And because we are fans of this series, 25% of your purchase will go to The Chosen' Fund "Pay It Forward". So not only do you get a beautiful and inspiring illustration but you are supporting the show too!

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