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The Chosen Poster

  • Description

    25% will go to The Chosen to help them fund the show. This gorgeous illustration from "The Chosen" series is based on Episode 6 of Season 2 when Jesus (played by Jonathan Roumie) and His disciples are on their way to a small synagogue.

    It is a bold and colorful  illustration that depicts Jesus, Simon, Big James, John, Thaddeus, Philip, Andrew, Nathanael, Little James, Thomas, Matthew, Ramha and Mary Magdalene peacefully walking through a green and vivid meadow in a gorgeous sunny day.

    This beautiful poster encapsulates the whole meaning behind the concept of sharing the Gospel by portraying Jesus and His disciples going through village to village in order to share the Good News.  

    This luminous printable depicts a sunny and bright setting full of light with an overarching serene, cloudless sky and luscious grasslands below: a lovely illustration that will lift your spirits!

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